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Crimson Council

Also known as Rezimus the Hordebreaker
Level 120 Night Elf Rogue
Also known as Liondra, Conqueror of Orgrimmar
Level 120 Human Warlock
Also known as Jern Ironbane
Level 120 Worgen Warrior
Also known as Farseer Vetiver
Level 120 Pandaren Shaman

Wing Leaders

Also known as Werebull the Astral Walker
Level 120 Worgen Druid
Also known as Valiolet, Lady of War
Level 120 Draenei Mage


NameRaceClassLevelRankAchievement Points
FolliesHuman HumanWarrior Warrior120Rank 65690
AegleHuman HumanWarrior Warrior120Rank 815020
GaiaNight Elf Night ElfHunter Hunter120Rank 812965
EhlidanGnome GnomeMage Mage110Rank 813965
VàleHuman HumanPaladin Paladin110Rank 413890
YuukikiryuDraenei DraeneiPaladin Paladin110Rank 813265
SanguinaarWorgen WorgenHunter Hunter112Rank 613555
SulevinNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid110Rank 613555
WildshadeKul Tiran Kul TiranDruid Druid110Rank 513890
InferusDraenei DraeneiDeath Knight Death Knight120Rank 413595
FywirGnome GnomeMage Mage120Rank 811705
ProgressiveyDwarf DwarfPaladin Paladin120Rank 411795
CkriusHuman HumanWarrior Warrior120Rank 811705
ZenythHuman HumanDeath Knight Death Knight120Rank 811840
LuxiferosHuman HumanWarrior Warrior110Rank 612515
TrapattoniDwarf DwarfPaladin Paladin100Rank 612515
AyreenHuman HumanPriest Priest110Rank 813280
EgwenNight Elf Night ElfHunter Hunter115Rank 813900
FerylNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid120Rank 813900
JohncollinsDraenei DraeneiMage Mage120Rank 520695
SigmarHuman HumanPaladin Paladin120Rank 422210
DoreiDraenei DraeneiDeath Knight Death Knight100Rank 821965
SapncheapHuman HumanRogue Rogue101Rank 422325
MiceteGnome GnomeMage Mage110Rank 821720
AthrejuDwarf DwarfHunter Hunter120Rank 813285
SanatDraenei DraeneiPriest Priest110Rank 815345
HolasterWorgen WorgenPriest Priest110Rank 88095
GrugnettoWorgen WorgenDruid Druid110Rank 817625
VarenyaHuman HumanMonk Monk120Rank 813685
FeadinNight Elf Night ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 814195
BamboccionaNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid110Rank 816975
PadulloHuman HumanDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 816975
SmigollHuman HumanPriest Priest110Rank 817420
BuzziconaDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman110Rank 817925
DonperignonnDwarf DwarfPriest Priest120Rank 613015
MetiudatenneWorgen WorgenDruid Druid112Rank 511810
KananNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid120Rank 817095
KitkananNight Elf Night ElfHunter Hunter120Rank 816440
WhiskéyjackHuman HumanPaladin Paladin120Rank 615975
DessambraeWorgen WorgenDeath Knight Death Knight102Rank 815975
DanyalHuman HumanPaladin Paladin120Rank 813775
BellahtrixDraenei DraeneiPriest Priest110Rank 514455
JokastaDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman104Rank 821865
KillerswolfWorgen WorgenWarrior Warrior110Rank 84840
AkordiaNight Elf Night ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 521975
MaledizioneNight Elf Night ElfPriest Priest110Rank 810880
SylwaninDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman110Rank 810775
FocafòPandaren PandarenHunter Hunter106Rank 810775
PiastrinaGnome GnomeWarlock Warlock110Rank 810775
SìolasHuman HumanPaladin Paladin100Rank 87705
YamarajaDraenei DraeneiDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 510775
KrauronHuman HumanPaladin Paladin110Rank 811595
VàlanarWorgen WorgenDeath Knight Death Knight100Rank 811610
FhenrisWorgen WorgenWarrior Warrior109Rank 514455
SùanWorgen WorgenWarrior Warrior108Rank 521975
ZangoHuman HumanHunter Hunter110Rank 811795
DèmethraHuman HumanPriest Priest110Rank 521975
MoongloòmDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman100Rank 514135
DrakemuccGnome GnomeMonk Monk1Rank 80
DwaresDwarf DwarfWarrior Warrior110Rank 410775
MeridorHuman HumanPaladin Paladin120Rank 57595
SpàndoPandaren PandarenHunter Hunter100Rank 514100
SpendooPandaren PandarenRogue Rogue100Rank 521865
SathneiNight Elf Night ElfHunter Hunter94Rank 5580
StarzsharaNight Elf Night ElfMage Mage68Rank 48420
TeorsWorgen WorgenDeath Knight Death Knight120Rank 84805
SiobhenDraenei DraeneiMage Mage24Rank 8505
HellbearNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid120Rank 86670
TefaremHuman HumanWarrior Warrior101Rank 87595
AyàtoWorgen WorgenDeath Knight Death Knight120Rank 84140
AnsensaHuman HumanWarlock Warlock110Rank 84655
BabudWorgen WorgenWarrior Warrior120Rank 870
AilìsHuman HumanPaladin Paladin120Rank 816370
BledynWorgen WorgenDruid Druid120Rank 85045
MorgrimmDwarf DwarfWarrior Warrior110Rank 421720
MatarielDraenei DraeneiPaladin Paladin113Rank 811715
PumparenWorgen WorgenDruid Druid111Rank 422175
FylkirWorgen WorgenDruid Druid100Rank 421965
EstadrilDraenei DraeneiHunter Hunter110Rank 81895
SatuNight Elf Night ElfRogue Rogue100Rank 61475
ThorengulDraenei DraeneiPaladin Paladin114Rank 86345
MadélaineDraenei DraeneiDeath Knight Death Knight119Rank 824665
WillfredoGnome GnomeWarlock Warlock91Rank 421965
BestbulzibarHuman HumanWarlock Warlock110Rank 87895
AchlysHuman HumanRogue Rogue100Rank 85100
AnnaliéseNight Elf Night ElfPriest Priest91Rank 822520
MarcetusWorgen WorgenWarrior Warrior120Rank 86360
DabuglioneNight Elf Night ElfRogue Rogue120Rank 88140
ArtaiusDraenei DraeneiPaladin Paladin120Rank 86360
RaislinHuman HumanMage Mage91Rank 6170
KlarissWorgen WorgenHunter Hunter120Rank 85540
LalyethNight Elf Night ElfRogue Rogue120Rank 65145
DysprosiaHuman HumanWarrior Warrior100Rank 84380
EuchaetisNight Elf Night ElfDeath Knight Death Knight120Rank 814735
NeodymiaHuman HumanMage Mage100Rank 84270
KatrionaDraenei DraeneiPaladin Paladin101Rank 87245
GeillisDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman110Rank 57365
LayannaNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid113Rank 82440
IrÿsNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid120Rank 86895
FifilottaGnome GnomeWarlock Warlock100Rank 84390
EonoraDraenei DraeneiHunter Hunter25Rank 840
InvectiveWorgen WorgenHunter Hunter106Rank 82080
IyasuHuman HumanPaladin Paladin110Rank 75785
ErethisNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid110Rank 75785
PriestilDraenei DraeneiPriest Priest55Rank 72295
InixienWorgen WorgenMage Mage120Rank 412775
LehrerinDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman100Rank 73985
LebenHuman HumanWarrior Warrior120Rank 76120
FräuleinGnome GnomeMage Mage71Rank 73305
TribetinHuman HumanPaladin Paladin100Rank 89360
NolvadrenNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid110Rank 812775
GulgarnDwarf DwarfWarrior Warrior78Rank 86390
FlossieDraenei DraeneiDeath Knight Death Knight60Rank 83050
IlcosmicoHuman HumanPaladin Paladin61Rank 62080
CosmichealHuman HumanPriest Priest112Rank 63080
YasuPandaren PandarenMonk Monk34Rank 821295
CosmichuntNight Elf Night ElfHunter Hunter110Rank 63780
EnghiwookDwarf DwarfPaladin Paladin110Rank 88095
BolladinHuman HumanPriest Priest100Rank 821965
ReevooHuman HumanRogue Rogue100Rank 81040
PeachexeNight Elf Night ElfPriest Priest29Rank 8120
MomieNight Elf Night ElfRogue Rogue49Rank 521105
RagnarogharNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid28Rank 8505
VilladrogosDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman110Rank 68270
KasanderDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman74Rank 522010
NebelDraenei DraeneiHunter Hunter27Rank 80
OboloNight Elf Night ElfRogue Rogue110Rank 61870
ToolittleGnome GnomeHunter Hunter110Rank 80
ToolatèGnome GnomeHunter Hunter110Rank 821720
UsmiaNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 84890
TòrmNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 814455
AidrokaNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter100Rank 820355
VeelenaNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter100Rank 84390
ThyraeNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter100Rank 80
DégelHuman HumanMage Mage120Rank 820210
ErynwenNight Elf Night ElfPriest Priest120Rank 413900
AroemdansthDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman120Rank 612365
OnizsharaNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter100Rank 80
OvotNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter120Rank 83245
SyrrisNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 813500
FillippidanNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter120Rank 423035
FillippidanaNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter103Rank 421965
VerhängnisNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter110Rank 75785
DanerissNight Elf Night ElfHunter Hunter120Rank 812805
TyrrHuman HumanPaladin Paladin110Rank 53935
IgokoWorgen WorgenDruid Druid100Rank 80
SoulwreaverNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter120Rank 46615
CosmicmageHuman HumanMage Mage104Rank 63080
CosmiczenHuman HumanMonk Monk68Rank 80
UrdunnDwarf DwarfShaman Shaman103Rank 68300
CosmicshammoDwarf DwarfShaman Shaman9Rank 80
CosmicwarDraenei DraeneiWarrior Warrior61Rank 82760
CinnamonriceDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman60Rank 6155
Draenei DraeneiPaladin Paladin11Rank 88300
PoletNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter120Rank 812965
EirionHuman HumanWarlock Warlock110Rank 616030
BarbwireDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman120Rank 812115
KalissisNight Elf Night ElfMage Mage60Rank 80
SexbobombGnome GnomeHunter Hunter7Rank 80
BelthozarHuman HumanWarlock Warlock120Rank 612790
HestridKul Tiran Kul TiranShaman Shaman120Rank 813900
PromtoWorgen WorgenWarrior Warrior100Rank 8175
AbbygaileHuman HumanPriest Priest120Rank 816525
DeathnanoDwarf DwarfDeath Knight Death Knight58Rank 81600
UrbrokenNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter120Rank 415250
TonsulaHuman HumanWarrior Warrior112Rank 88210
EluneasNight Elf Night ElfHunter Hunter120Rank 88840
RahefNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid120Rank 617845
OligoemiaNight Elf Night ElfPriest Priest120Rank 49205
MonkocaneHuman HumanMonk Monk120Rank 613965
ArtèmìsìàNight Elf Night ElfMage Mage120Rank 68030
PatapuffolaPandaren PandarenMonk Monk51Rank 80
FakiuDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman120Rank 820095
GhuntalerDraenei DraeneiPriest Priest110Rank 84615
WildanNight Elf Night ElfDemon Hunter Demon Hunter101Rank 80
ShiwangHuman HumanMonk Monk120Rank 89350
ÀllisterHuman HumanPaladin Paladin120Rank 89540
VernichtungHuman HumanDeath Knight Death Knight110Rank 75785
BronograthDwarf DwarfWarrior Warrior108Rank 84505
MashiaraPandaren PandarenMonk Monk55Rank 80
BezzoWorgen WorgenDruid Druid120Rank 85855
VekaanDraenei DraeneiPaladin Paladin120Rank 85490
RogidjPandaren PandarenMage Mage120Rank 44765
TiffanycaseHuman HumanPriest Priest114Rank 812115
BeskhaVoid Elf Void ElfMage Mage68Rank 822560
CydaneVoid Elf Void ElfPriest Priest120Rank 816055
FeatherwalkVoid Elf Void ElfRogue Rogue23Rank 821720
BezzozoDraenei DraeneiShaman Shaman120Rank 85985
UrhealedVoid Elf Void ElfPriest Priest110Rank 814975
NìlavielNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid120Rank 86050
UrpoisonedVoid Elf Void ElfRogue Rogue110Rank 813890
DàrgosDwarf DwarfShaman Shaman120Rank 86290
BlàstVoid Elf Void ElfMonk Monk120Rank 86290
RaylintDraenei DraeneiPaladin Paladin120Rank 67375
SilvertuskWorgen WorgenHunter Hunter120Rank 8640
OvittacosocGnome GnomeHunter Hunter10Rank 80
MomimominaGnome GnomeWarlock Warlock10Rank 80
ElendurilNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid113Rank 8275
DelroirHuman HumanPaladin Paladin120Rank 82025
LightforseLightforged Draenei Lightforged DraeneiPaladin Paladin20Rank 80
VoidwarrantyVoid Elf Void ElfRogue Rogue20Rank 80
KvhoteHuman HumanMage Mage120Rank 815100
RattriWorgen WorgenHunter Hunter120Rank 83585
CuroavolteHuman HumanPriest Priest120Rank 65985
CorthyraHuman HumanPaladin Paladin120Rank 68405
GarithoxHuman HumanDeath Knight Death Knight120Rank 60
MagnopocoGnome GnomeWarlock Warlock113Rank 80
MyerinHuman HumanWarrior Warrior111Rank 813280
NihàalNight Elf Night ElfDruid Druid112Rank 814660
NanodiseppiaDark Iron Dwarf Dark Iron DwarfShaman Shaman20Rank 40
PiadadinaLightforged Draenei Lightforged DraeneiPaladin Paladin20Rank 40
AeremisHuman HumanDeath Knight Death Knight73Rank 80
HermsWorgen WorgenHunter Hunter120Rank 87165
MilfinaHuman HumanDeath Knight Death Knight120Rank 69205
RurielDark Iron Dwarf Dark Iron DwarfShaman Shaman120Rank 88405
SchutzPandaren PandarenMonk Monk117Rank 76120
SeiborHuman HumanPaladin Paladin120Rank 81925
IlarinaDark Iron Dwarf Dark Iron DwarfPriest Priest20Rank 80
TrokdarDark Iron Dwarf Dark Iron DwarfWarrior Warrior26Rank 80
AravineHuman HumanDeath Knight Death Knight60Rank 80
AvinaWorgen WorgenDeath Knight Death Knight120Rank 88405
SdenkaDark Iron Dwarf Dark Iron DwarfShaman Shaman120Rank 820095
ZhennDark Iron Dwarf Dark Iron DwarfMonk Monk20Rank 80
KelemarylKul Tiran Kul TiranDruid Druid20Rank 40
BeardfurionKul Tiran Kul TiranDruid Druid20Rank 80